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The name Abidjan was originated based on a very interesting story. It states that an old man was heading home with wood branches in his hand, probably for burning a fire or building his house or any other purposes which is unknown. On his way back he came across a European traveller, who had actually got lost in the woods. When the old man was asked the name of the nearest destination in an unknown language from his own, he got frightened and thought he was asking what he was doing there. He dropped his wood branches and began shouting “tchan me bidjan”. The European traveller thought this was the name of the city and that is how Abidjan came into being.

The city is situated on the Ébrié Lagoon, consisting of several peninsulas that are linked by bridges. The Ébrié Lagoon is separated from the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean by the Vridi Canal sandbar.

The city is popularly known for its green garden squares. There are also many ancient museums, research institutes and libraries that add up to the value of the city with its arts and crafts displays. Attractions such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Hôtel Ivoire and Banco National Park are a few from the must go to places in this city.

Abidjan culture is believed to be a mix of Western Africa Art and Music. The city hosts a number of cultural events There are many festivals throughout the year which includes rituals and also celebration of tradition and music. The famous African band “Magic System” is from Abidjan and is known throughout the world for Zouglou dance styled music.

Some of the famous festivals that happen throughout the year are:-

  • Music Festivals-Concerto Festival, Les Top d’or,Festival of Urban Dances,International Festival of Black Music,International Jazz Festival of Abidjan
  •   Dance Festival-Festival of Urban Dances.
  •  Pageants-International Festival of lingerie and beauty (FILBA),Miss Abidjan District,Miss Côte D’Ivoire
  • Other Festivals- Festival MASA, Le Tiercé Gagnant Climbie beach Festival, International Comics Festival

Abidjan is a unique city in Africa. Its has several nicknames, some of which are “Manhattan of the tropics”, “Small Manhattan” or “Pearl of the lagoons” which explains the city’s unpredictable and triumphant image. With its accommodation facilities – such as the Golf Hôtel – and sporting facilities, its lively night life, transport and communication lines as well as its impressiveness, it is the perfect city for business tourism.

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When you land in Abidjan, the capital city of Cote D’lvoire, you will find a vast array of places where you can eat, drink and see the sights of this wonderful city. There are also hundreds of possible locations you could choose to stay, whether you are looking for a small chalet to just spend the night in, or a luxury hotel or resort where you can chill by the pool all day, Abidjan has something for everyone.

Some of the most popular places to visit in Abidjan include the local food markets, where you can experience pre cooked traditional cuisine, or you can buy traditional foods to try and cook yourself. These local markets also sell a range of local handmade arts and crafts as well as jewellery and woodwork.

Abidjan also has beaches around the lagoon which are one of the major attractions. With the heat level also at its peak, beaches can be of great relaxation spot mostly during the evenings. With palm and coconut trees, in the Vridi area, which are very popular at weekends with the picturesque sight of the pineapple and coconut sellers. Nevertheless, the rip-tides which affects practically the whole of the Gulf of Guinea’s coast, means that in this area swimming is not usually allowed.

Some of the places that you could visit in Abidjan:-

St. Paul Cathedral

Cité Administrative

Hôtel Ivoire

Parc du Banco

Cocody neighborhood