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Accommodation Facilities in Africa

Accommodation Facilties in Africa

The primary factors that decide the options of accommodations are the country you are travelling to and the activities that you wish to do while there. For instance, Countries with a substantial focus on wildlife and eco-tourism will predominantly offer packages of game and safari reserves, farms and lodges. The coast areas are likely to provide beach resort accommodation. Customizable choices are common across the area, as are hotels, guest houses, backpackers, and camping facilities.

Accommodations at a Forest Reserve Lodge
Accommodations at a Forest Reserve Lodge

The advantage of this region is that tourists are spoilt for choices. Honeymoon hideaways, winelands resorts, eco-friendly oasis, beachfront shacks, countryside villas, backpacker retreats: Africa has countless options to find accommodation.

Tourism Grading Council of South Africa is the only government mandated, industry supported quality assurance authority in South Africa. They evaluate the South African establishments which apply for grading and grades them 1 to 5 stars (Explanation of Star Grading Assessments), according to the type of accommodation provided – hotels, lodges, b&bs, self catering, caravan parks & camping and backpackers.

The destinations that usually interest the majority of the tourists are

North AfricaMorocco, Egypt

Southern AfricaSouth Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, and Mozambique

East AfricaTanzania

Accommodation at South Africa
Accommodation at South Africa

These destinations have popular attractions where tourists visit very frequently. Thus accommodations around these areas are relatively safe and comfortable if the basic precautions are taken and proper research is done.

Africa has many beautiful places to travel to and careful planning with the help of a travel expert can ensure a hassle-free journey to the wilderness of the Sahara.

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