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Addis Ababa

Where is Addis Ababa in Africa?

Addis Ababa or Addis Abeba means “new flower”, is the capital city of Ethiopia. Addis Ababa has the status of both a city and a state. The city is populated by people from different regions of Ethiopia – the country has as many as 80 nationalities speaking 80 languages and belonging to a wide variety of religious communities. African Union is and its predecessor the OAU are orginally based in Addis Abeba. It also hosts the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and numerous other continental and international organizations. Addis is the third highest capital in the world at 2440m. It’s a sprawling city that takes some getting used to. Mud huts, Italian facist architecture, glitzy hotels, cathedrals and marxist billboards provide the backdrop to Africa’s fourth largest city.

Public transport is mainly through public buses or blue and white share taxis. The taxis are usually minibuses that can seat at most twelve people.

To talk about the climate in Addis it’s pretty much always sunny in Addis. Ethiopia has its own calendar with 13 months instead of 12 , the local joke is that the country boasts 13 months of sunshine. That means the weather should not be a concern cause it is nearly guaranteed to be pleasant no matter what time of year you want to go. Nightclubs and restaurants serving international cuisine along with bars also serves their traditional honey wine. Despite its mix of wealth and poverty in the city, Addis is a safe city with little violence and crimes.

Addis Ababa is known for its ancient tradition of beautiful handicrafts which includes high-quality hand-woven, embroidered, and bespangled materials. It is also famous for its leather goods like hats and sandaks. The fact that Addis is such a fashionable place which hosts many fashion weeks. It is also known as the Hub of Africa, showcasing the works of Ethiopian and other African-born designers.

Places to visit in Addis Ababa:

  • Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral
  • Entoto Hill
  • Ethnological Museum
  • George’s Cathedral
  • Merkato
  • Chiromeda Market.

Minibuses are the easiest and efficient mode of transport. Churchill Avenue is the main thoroughfare in Addis.

Addis Ababa, the capital and largest city of Ethiopia and is a highly sought after destination when it comes to booking flights here, for holiday makers, people visiting family and friends and business trips. The south East is the wealthiest and most popular side of town for business people and holiday makers, where as the rest is mostly housing and residential areas.

The temperatures in Addis Ababa are consistent for the majority of the months and can vary from the highest 22 C to the lowest which is usually around 11 C, although temperatures can drop to just 3 C after dark.

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Map of Addis Ababa

When you land in Addis Ababa, you will be greeted by friendly locals, tourists and airport staff. During your stay here, there are a few landmarks and places which are popular with locals and tourists alike. You might want to take a trip to Africa Hall which is where the united nations economic commissions for Africa is held. There is also St Georges Cathedral and the Ethiopian national museum which is a world class hidden gem of Africa which has many famous exhibits regarding African culture and history.29-01-2017