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Flights to Bamako

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Cheap Flight Tickets to Bamako

Bamako is one of the largest cities in West Africa and the capital of Mali. The city lies upon the Niger River which is a busy and lively trading port with excellent natural and cultural attractions.

Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Bamako from London Heathrow or any other airport within the UK so when you book, watch out for where the flight stops and how long for, as this will determine the length of your journey. Flights to Bamako from London with one stop in Paris for example can take as little as 7 – 8 hours. For the cheapest flights to Bamako you will need to be flexible with times, dates and where you stop. Call Flights to Africa now where our flight specialists will be able to guide you through the best options to suit your requirements.

KLM, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Algerie, Tunisair, Royal Air Maroc are just some of the airlines offering flights to Bamako from the UK. Air France is the largest airline offering more flights than any other from the UK, with one stop in Paris. Although they don’t offer the cheapest flights to Bamako the service they offer is renowned to be the best around.

Air France is headquartered in Tremblay-en-France and is the French flag carrier. Air France fly’s to over 32 destinations within France and offers a worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 154 destinations in 91 countries.

As with any airlines, there are limits when it comes to how much luggage you can take on board the flight or check-in. Always check before you travel with the airline for up to date information on baggage allowance and charges, go to the Air France website.

Air France tickets check-in times vary by destination and departure airport. Mobile and online check-in is available from 30 hours before the scheduled flight time. Flights within Europe to North Africa can take advantage of the automatic check in where you are sent your boarding pass 30 hours before the scheduled flight. You can ask for this service at the time of booking your flights.

Check-in deadlines range from 60 minutes for long-haul flights and 30 minutes for medium-haul flights. Flights to Bamako from London City Airport have a check-in deadline of 15 minutes.

To use the self-service kiosk to check-in you just need to bring along your e-ticket. Using this service you must check-in no later than 60 minutes before your flight leaves.

All Air France flights offer complimentary meals and snacks, whether it’s a snack or a delicious hot meal depends on the length of the flight. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available and, on long-haul flights, an aperitif. For all flights lasting more than 10.5 hours, a self-service buffet is open throughout the flight. Call Flights to Africa now on 01494 551500 for your cheap flights to Bamako from Air France!

Bamako is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The city is home to Mali’s largest international airport, a major port, and the Dakar-Niger Railway. Bamako also has multiple museums, botanical gardens, a zoo, the cathedral of Bamako and the Bamako Grand Mosque.

The best way to get around the city is to hire a taxi-motorcycle. They are relatively cheap depending on the distance and the price is negotiated up front as there are no meters.

Bamako-Coura has a lively artisan market where market traders from all over Bamako come to sell their leather, wood carvings, silver jewellery, and musical instruments. Be sure to barter and bargain as the traders expect this and prices are extremely reasonable. Ask a couple of times first at a couple of stands before actually buying something to make sure you are paying what you should. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant inside the market, but be extremely vigilant and careful in the busy streets surrounding the market as it’s easy to lose a bag to a thief.

Euros are widely accepted and ATM’s were once difficult to find in Bamako, but they are becoming more available.

If you are looking for somewhere exquisite to stay in Bamako check out the Radisson Blu Hotel, a new luxury hotel which stands out in the capital of Mali which has been described as a peaceful oasis in the heart of a fast growing African city. The Radisson Blu is located in the newest business district in Bamako. Click here for more details and other places to stay in Bamako and call our flight specialists on 01494 551500 for your cheapest flight ticket to Bamako!

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