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Cheapest flights to Bujumbura

Bujumbura is the largest city and capital of Burundi. It is situated on the north eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.  Air Burundi is the national airline in Burundi with its head office being in Bujumbura.

You can fly to Bujumbura with airlines such as Kenya airways, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian airlines and South African airways. Flights to Africa offer cheap flights to Bujumbura and other African countries call 01494 535666 for details.

Flights to Bujumbura from Birmingham are available on all four airlines mentioned above. The cheapest flights to Bujumbura from Birmingham are with Brussels Airlines with flights being fairly frequent. The time it takes to get to Bujumbura can vary from 14 hours to 25 depending on stops, and the airline you are travelling with.

The time zone in Bujumbura is an hour ahead of time in the United Kingdom. Bujumbura holds the main port in Burundi meaning it ships the country’s main exports being coffee and cotton.  The city centre has a large market, mosque, cathedral and two museums. However nearby attractions include the Rusizi National Park. This country is ideal for people who like to see and enjoy the simplistic side of life with it being a completely different culture to the one we live in.

Flights to Bujumbura from Ethiopian Airlines are especially frequent. With Ethiopian Airline flights prices vary from the month you travel in, to the day you travel in. However it is certain that you will find the perfect flight for you as Ethiopian Airlines tickets are cheap in today’s economy with some flights being as low as £390!   

Taxis are the main use of transport around the city however mini buses ply the major routes around the country. Hotel la Pamerie is a highly rated (four star) hotel in Bujumbura situated on the outskirt of the city. It is perfect for the people who like to stay in luxurious accommodations.

You can find flights to Bujumbura from London Heathrow on our website at low prices with extremely regular timings. To look in to this further call one of our flight specialists who will ensure that you have the cheapest flight tickets to Bujumbura on the net!

Map of Bujumbura


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