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Flights to Kigali

Cheapest flights to Kigali

Kigali is the capital and the largest city of Rwanda. The city has been the economic, cultural and transport hub of Rwanda since it became capital. It is situated near the geographic centre of the nation.

You can fly to Kigali on the airlines, Qatar Airways, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and South African Airways. With our website Flights to Africa it is easy to find the cheapest flights to Kigali.

Flights to Kigali from Birmingham are available with the airlines, KLM, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Kenya Airways. For cheap flight tickets from Birmingham to Kigali Brussels Airlines is the best choice with tickets as cheap as £578pp. The time it takes to get to Kigali from the UK is approximately 8 hours 30 minutes.

The time zone in Kigali is an hour ahead of UK time. Kigali is home to several memorials, museums and centres dedicated to the Rwandan Genocide. You can visit the Kruger National Park which is home to lions, elephants, rhinoceros, buffalos and leopards. There is also the Volcanoes National Park which is a popular visit for tourists. Kigali is not the holiday for people who like to laze around on the beach it is more for the athletic and adventurous.

Flights to Kigali from Ethiopian Airlines are extremely frequent running everyday other than Tuesday. Ethiopian Airline flight prices are good for everyone being extremely cheap. Ethiopian Airline tickets are around £400 for a majority of the year, prices only varying slightly in the peak of sum

Public transport in Kigali is mainly taxi minibuses and buses. With different routes connecting the main hubs of the city centre. The taxi minibuses wait until they are full before setting off then pick up and drop off frequently on route.  A luxurious hotel to stay in would be the Kigali Serena Hotel with spacious rooms and a great pool!mer and in December.

Flights to Kigali from London Heathrow are extremely easy to get as there is a flight everyday possibly even more than once so you will never be stuck of a time to go. Prices vary due to the time year and the airline you travel on however Flights to Africa ensure you get the best deal.For the cheapest flights to Kigali please contact us on 01494 551 500


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