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Flights to Kilimanjaro

Flights to Kilimanjaro

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Cheapest flights to Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is one of the 26 regions in Tanzania. It is home to Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. The population of Kilimanjaro is just over 1 million.

You can fly to Kilimanjaro with the airlines, Qatar Airways, Swiss, Condor, KLM, Ethiopian Airline and Kenya Airways. We ensure on our website that we find the cheapest flights to Kilimanjaro and other African cities and regions.

Flights to Kilimanjaro from Birmingham are available with the airlines, KLM, Swiss and Kenya Airways. For cheap flight tickets from Birmingham KLM is the best bet with better low price deals obviously varying around the year but prices can be as low as £380pp one way! The time it takes to get from the UK to Kilimanjaro is approximately 7 hours direct but of course it can vary.

The time zone in Kilimanjaro is two hours ahead of us in the UK. Kilimanjaro is divided in to seven districts. Mount Kilimanjaro has attracted many tourists and researchers from all over the world, the mountain is regularly climbed. The district of Moshi there are many hiking routes with also places to eat, shop or sleep. If you have intentions of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you will have to go to the Kilimanjaro National Park, you can also get day tours of the rainforest or even a few overnights without going to the summit. Kilimanjaro is a place for people who love to hike and explore.

Flights to Kilimanjaro from Ethiopian Airlines run every day other than Tuesday; Ethiopian Airline flights are what would seem ridiculously cheap. Ethiopian Airline tickets can come at the little cost of £386 and the highest price they get up to is little over £500 which is in the run-up to Christmas.

There are bus services in Kilimanjaro however taxis appear to be the most efficient way of getting around. The Kilimanjaro mountain resort is the perfect place to stay if you are planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro being only half an hour away from the start of the climb. It has nice little modern conveniences with friendly and organised staff.

Flights to Kilimanjaro from London Heathrow run every single day meaning it would be impossible to not find a flight to suit you. There is a wide variation of airlines meaning you have the choice, we here at Flights to Africa are here to make that choice easier for you. Call one of our flight specialists today to get extra information on your flight to Africa.

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