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Flights to Lusaka

Flights to Lusaka

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Cheapest flights to Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. English is the official language of the city and it is classed as one of the fastest developing cities in southern Africa. The city’s population is approximately 1.7 million.

You can fly to Lusaka with the airlines, Emirates, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and South African Airways. On our website we ensure that we find the cheapest flights to Lusaka just for you.

Flights to Lusaka from Birmingham are available with the airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways and KLM. Although there is not much selection it is guaranteed that you will find cheap flight tickets. For the lowest priced tickets for flights to Lusaka from Birmingham KLM is probably your best option with tickets as cheap as just over £700pp return. The time it takes to get to Lusaka from the UK is approximately 10 hours.

The time zone in Lusaka is an hour ahead of UK time. Attractions include the Lusaka National Museum plus two other museums. There is a zoo and botanical gardens as well as two of the largest shopping malls in Zambia. There is the freedom statue and the cathedral of the holy cross which are also popular visits for tourists. Lusaka has a humid sub-tropical climate. Lusaka is one of the most visited cities in Africa as it offers lots to do and plenty to see with its outstanding architecture and cultural villages.

Flights to Lusaka from Ethiopian Airlines run every day other than Tuesday to get there and then run everyday other than Monday to get back. Ethiopian Airlines flights are extremely cheap and returning from Lusaka is even cheaper! Ethiopian Airline tickets are priced at £368pp there and £290pp back for a majority of the year.

In Lusaka there is a bus and minibuses services to surrounding towns and usually leave from the market bus station, this is an extremely cheap way to travel. An excellent place to stay in Lusaka is the Southern Sun Ridgeway with comfortable rooms and beautiful scenery.

Flights to Lusaka from London Heathrow run every day meaning there will always be the perfect flight for you! You have a choice of who you fly with and how you fly whether that is first class or economy. Flights to Africa ensure that you get the flight you need.

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