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Flights to Zanzibar

Flights to Zanzibar

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Zanzibar is two islands which are part of Tanzania in East Africa with a population of just over 1 million. Zanzibar’s main industries are spice, raffia and tourism. The main language spoken in Zanzibar is Swahili.

You can fly to Zanzibar with the airlines, Condor, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. Even though there is not so much selection Flights to Africa will ensure that you get the cheapest flights to Zanzibar.  

Currently there are no Flights to Zanzibar from Birmingham however there are still plenty more airports as mentioned on our site to get to Zanzibar. If you have any concerns over this please contact one of our flight specialists who will ensure that you get cheap flight tickets and resolve any queries. The time it takes to get to Zanzibar from the UK is approximately 10 hours.

The time zone in Zanzibar is 2 hours ahead of time in the UK. The coastline off Zanzibar is absolutely stunning with the palm tree fringed beaches, coral lagoons and the clear water of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar’s capital is the Stone Town home too much of the tourism industry, there is many historical and cultural sites such as the Makusurani graveyard where many Arab leaders are buried. There is obviously plenty of coastal tourism with snorkelling, diving and cruising.

Flights to Zanzibar from Ethiopian Airlines run every day other than Tuesday meaning there are plenty of flight opportunity’s for everyone. Ethiopian Airlines flights offer world class African transport services, they have one awards for their reliability meaning if you book with them you are sure to get what you bargained for. Ethiopian Airline tickets can come at the cost as little as £673pp to get there and back!

Transport in Zanzibar can be a real problem, it is possible to use the dala-dala however they appear very unsafe, over-crowded and it would take a while to cross the island. They could be suitable for short distances though. A lovely hotel to stay in would be the Next Paradise Boutique Resort which is situated right on the beach in a beautiful location.

Flights to Zanzibar from London Heathrow run regularly meaning it is easy to find the right flight for you with help from us. There is not a large selection of airlines to choose from however it is about quality and not quantity. Call one of our flight specialists today at Flights to Africa and get your flight booked.

For the cheapest flights to Zanzibar please contact us on 01494 551 500


Map of Zanzibar

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