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cheap flight tickets to Addis Ababa

Are you searching for cheap flight tickets to Addis Ababa from UK? You will be able to walk around from Meskel Square and see a wide variety of interesting attractions that Addis Ababa has to offer. The palaces and parliament buildings shouldn’t be overlooked, nor should the Africa Hall and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ fascinating architecture construct. When visiting this spectacular area, the National Museum is a must-see too. The Shiro Meda Market is where you can find traditional crafts produced by locals. Craft pieces include pots and fabrics that are handmade. The market is situated at the bottom of the Entoto Mountains which can be reached by taxi or bus for breathtaking city views. read more

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cheap flight tickets to Accra

Are you searching for cheap flight tickets to Accra from UK(LON – ACC)? Book a flight to Accra, Ghana ‘s vibrant capital, for a mesmerising glimpse at life in Africa. Accra is just as luxurious in parts as any European city, and completely different in others. However, as Accra is a very safe place, all its facets can be explored.

Visit the lively local markets where you can buy beautiful handmade jewelry and colorful fabrics from Ghanaian. Many shops sell jewelry, accessories, and handbags, so be sure to take friends’ gifts too! Explore the old colonial architecture to get a sense of the past in Ghana. read more

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cheap flight ticket to Johannesburg

cheap flight ticket to Johannesburg from UK:  Johannesburg-or “Joburg” as people want to name it-is one of South Africa’s largest towns. Clear skies, daily sunshine, mild winters and year-round comfortable climate make this city a very suitable choice for commerce, business and entertainment. Approximately 40 per cent of the country’s gold mining is located in Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand district and ranked second largest gold mine in the world. During the year there are many events, concerts, and festivals. As the city offers all kinds of entertainment , food, shopping, fashion and sports, visitors love to visit Johannesburg on multiple excursions. read more

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Tickets to Johannesburg South Africa

Are you searching for Tickets to Johannesburg South Africa from? This great city has plenty of flight options, and decent offers to have when you compare costs. Most of the tourists arrive on flights to Johannesburg, also known as Tambo International, which has a large international (and domestic) airport, Johannesburg International (JIA). Any regular flights to national and regional destinations in Johannesburg can be booked via the SAA. The UK flight will take about 11 hours, but many passengers will throw on a stop-and-route trip. Close to Alberton, Germiston, Brakpan and Kempton Park, the airport is located about 14 miles east of the city center. read more

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Tickets to Johannesburg

Are you searching for Tickets to Johannesburg from UK? The buzzing capital city of South Africa today is quite a different place from the one of the past. Johannesburg has always been the center of South African politics, with a long, turbulent history. And although this history has not been conveniently tidied away, in this very modern, optimistic destination, there are so many vibrant hotspots to discover in. Mass regeneration has created some of today’s most interesting urban spots in the world, labeling areas such as Maboneng as an example of world-leading urban renewal. Johannesburg flights fly in to O.R. Tambo International Airport, which is a quick drive to the very heart of the city to begin your journey. read more

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