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Budget Travel in Africa

south-africa1Africa can be expensive, but it is also incredibly cheap. The cost of day to day living, transport, and accommodation helps to make Africa a budget destination.What gets expensive are the cost of safaris,wildlife viewing and other adventure activities.

We must travel Africa with a plan of exactly what place you want to visit, what activities you want to do, and what your daily budget should be. You will have to give up luxury in some areas in order to be able to do more of the things .

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, white water rafting the Nile, and safaris in the Masai Mara,Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, and Etosha National Park are the main activities in Africa. All are expensive. So if you work this out,you can blow this really quicklyso carefull decisions must be made.

The following is just a general overview, I will be writing follow up posts with further information on each section below, including detailed information on each safari park.


All you need is a light weight tent, a sleeping mat, and a sleeping bag or sheet. Thus our nightly costs gets cheap. You’ll find most backpackers and hostels have areas set aside for campers, so you still get full use of the backpacker facilities, but at budget prices.

Hostels in Africa are better for backpackers to stay in. They are clean and staff are friendly, and there are usually a lot of activities going on that you can participate in with other backpackers. The costs of a backpackers increase in the larger cities and more expensive countries of South Africa and Namibia.


Food choices for budget travel in Africa same as budget food choices backpacking in any country. It will be cheaper if you eat with locals or cook yourself.

Most African hostels will have kitchen facilities, and most of the markets and supermarkets provide cheap food options. We carried around two plastic bowls and spoons, a packet of cereal and powdered milk. This was our cheap breakfast every morning. Camping facilities usually have fire circles, so braais-A Typical South African Food- or barbecues are easy to do and cheap.

Usually hostels have restaurants where you can purchase food. It will be more expensive, but can be a nice delicious. Look out for drink specials as well. Be alarmed that if you order fries you could be waiting hours for it, particularly in Uganda where they don’t have the proper cooking facilities for it. Also carry a water filter with you to reduce the cost of bottled water. Africa is hot, you drink a lot.


Transportation’s are typically cheap.But it comes at a different sort of price. Put it this way, you’ll get to know your heart and breath a lot better, and maybe have more conversations with those guiding forces from delicate lands.

In each town, local mini-vans will drive you to wherever you want to go from anywhere for cheap price. Mini-vans, otherwise known as matutus, or pick up trucks can also take you on longer distances between towns for a couple of bucks more.

Train journeys are infrequent,but more comfortable and safer. A second or first class sleeper is the best way to travel.

In South Africa, taking the on-off Baz bus,  is a comfortable and luxurious form of travel (after 4 months of pick ups it’s heaven).

Other Things

To stretch your money out and make up for the expensive safari days, there will be plenty of down days where you are only spending money on accommodation and food. You can get away with doing this for cheap, depending on your choices. Spend them exploring local villages, visiting markets, hiking mountains, lazing at beaches, and relaxing on the edge of lakes.

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