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Kenya Airways – History & Flight Services

Kenya Airways Ltd., is more popularly known as Kenya Airways and is the flag carrier of Kenya. Founded in 1977, the carrier’s head office is located in Embakasi, Nairobi, with its hub at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The airline was wholly owned by the Government of Kenya until April 1995, and it was privatized in 1996, becoming the first African flag carrier to successfully do so. Kenya Airways is currently a public-private partnership. The largest shareholder is the Government of Kenya (29.8%), followed by KLM, which has a 26.73% stake in the company. read more

Safety Records of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopia seems to be an impoverished country surrounded by rugged terrain. Yet the record of its national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, over seven decades of operation are only three fatal events, one of them a hijacking—is exceptional. Ethiopian Airlines is one of the proudest, and arguably one of the safest airlines in the world.

The region of the world with the worst reputation by far is sub-Saharan Africa, where scores of small companies operate without anywhere near the oversight or resources of airlines in the west. But even then the statistics can be misleading. It’s important to make the distinction between mainline African carriers and lower-tier cargo and nonscheduled operators. Flying on South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines, for example, which have perfectly respectable records, is not the same as flying aboard some ad-hoc Congolese cargo runner or a Guinean charter outfit. Africa’s “dangerous” airlines are not even airlines as most people think of them. read more

General Information & Review of Egyptair

Egyptair is the largest Airline is Africa, second only to the South African Airways. Unparalled in its History, the origin of this longest surviving Airline in Africa can be traced back to the 1930s. For this reason alone, the flag carrier of Egypt has enjoyed the leading position despite a few setbacks over the years.

The Airline also runs two subsidiary Airlines which are the Air Sinai and the Egyptair Express. It is a state run airline but does not enjoy any special privileges from the government. It primarily operates from the Cairo International Airport in Egypt, which is the second busiest airport in Africa and handles over 65 airlines. The fleet of Egyptair has over 80 Aircrafts flying to 80 destinations in about 60 countries and leads the airline business in Africa, Middle east and Europe. read more

Know More About the South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA), Africa’s most awarded airline, operates from Johannesburg, South Africa, to 38 destinations worldwide. SAA’s international network creates links to all major continents from South Africa through 10 direct routes and code shares, with daily flights from Johannesburg to London (Heathrow), Frankfurt, Munich, Mumbai, Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, Washington, and Sao Paulo.

South African Airways Flight over Cape Town - Table Mountain Image

The history of South African Airways dates back to 1934, when the South African government took over the assets and liabilities of Union Airways. The airline was renamed South African Airways (SAA), and fell under the control of the South African Railways and Harbour administration. The outbreak of World War II resulted in SAA being divided into two wings: a defence wing controlled by the Department of Defence and a commercial wing controlled by the Administration. read more

Air Botswana Begins Frequent Flyer Programme

Air Botswana says it officially launched the “TEEMANE CLUB” during a breakfast event at Gaborone Sun in Botswana recently.

The airline notes that the TEEMANE CLUB is Air Botswana’s fully automated Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP) designed to reward customers for their loyalty. According to the airline, some of the general benefits of the TEEMANE CLUB include convenience and personalized service whenever customers fly Air Botswana.

The company also mentions that joining the TEEMANE CLUB is free read more

Kenya Airways now flying to The Indian Capital

From the 25th of May Kenya Airways are now running flights to New Delhi.