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Modes of Transport in South Africa

Transport is the heartbeat of South Africa’s economic growth and social development!

South Africa has a modern and well-developed transport infrastructure. The air and rail networks are the largest on the continent, and the roads in good condition. The country’s ports provide a natural stopover for shipping to and from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australasia and both coasts of Africa. Here is a list of the modes of Transport in South Africa to help your stay there.


South Africa’s total road network is about 747000 km, the longest network of roads of any African country. These roads are all in considerably good condition and can connect almost the entire country. read more

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Visa Requirements & Procedure for Africa

Did you know?

A visa doesn’t guarantee you entry to the country – it only allows you to travel to an African port of entry, where an immigration officer will check that you satisfy the basic requirements for entry into the country.

Africa has the right to decide who may and may not enter its territory. A visa ensures that you have been properly screened before entering the country, and gives immigration officials the information they need to ensure you are admitted to Africa for the correct purpose and length of time. read more

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Baggage Allowance Guidelines

Baggage allowances are the limits imposed by airlines on luggage amounts that can be stored by passengers. Additional charges may be applied for excess baggage. With the regulations on air travel and baggage allowances changing constantly – you MUST check the most recent regulations before you take any trip or holiday. It’s worth noting any differences between airlines if your journey involves multiple carriers and also the type of flight ticket you have purchased as the baggage allowance can vary. read more

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Accommodation Facilities in Africa

The southern parts of Africa are any traveller’s dream destinations as they offer an expansive array of options for activities and accommodations. Depending on your requirements, luxury star hotels to pocket-friendly accommodations are available at all the popular destinations. You could also venture to stay in various kinds of accommodations over the period of your journey to get a rounded experience.

Accommodation Facilties in Africa

The primary factors that decide the options of accommodations are the country you are travelling to and the activities that you wish to do while there. For instance, Countries with a substantial focus on wildlife and eco-tourism will predominantly offer packages of game and safari reserves, farms and lodges. The coast areas are likely to provide beach resort accommodation. Customizable choices are common across the area, as are hotels, guest houses, backpackers, and camping facilities.

The advantage of this region is that tourists are spoilt for choices. Honeymoon hideaways, winelands resorts, eco-friendly oasis, beachfront shacks, countryside villas, backpacker retreats: Africa has countless options to find accommodation. read more

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How Important is Travel Insurance?

Travelling to a new destination is always pleasurable but it does push us out of our comfort zone. Hassles of our routine back home might seem distant. But the risk that we could run into while travelling might not.

Insurance policies being sold along with travel packages could have been taboo a few years back. But these days smart travellers choose to book their journey along with an insurance that suits the purpose of their journey and provides covers for whatever they need. Emergency Medical care could be extremely expensive in the many countries and it is always better to be protected in such cases to avoid being burdened with inexhaustible bills. Also crucial issues like loss of baggage or theft or flight cancellations/delay. read more

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