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Dar-Es-Salaam Where is Dar-Es-salaam in Africa? is the largest and richest  city in Tanzania. We specialise in offering the most affordable and luxury flights on the market for people travelling from the UK to Dar-Es-Salaam. All our flights come at a super affordable and competitive price and we guarantee a luxury experience on each and every flight which departs from the major UK airports. All of our flights are fitted with full air conditioning systems and have a range of friendly air host staff who will assist you with all your needs whilst you fly with us.When you reach Dar-Es-Salaam, you will be landing in the capital city of Tanzania and although it is the capital, Dar-Es-Salaam actually means harbour of peace and you will find yourself in a relaxing and warm atmosphere as soon as you land . There are a wide variety of places to eat and sights to see in Dar-Es-Salaam as there are people from all over the world who live and travel here each day and it is a very diverse place. Most restaurants and places to eat include Japanese, Chinese and Indian food which highlights sushi as a favourite, although you will be able to find a range of Italian, American and British style restaurants to suit your taste whilst you are holidaying in Del-Es-Salaam.

Map of Dar-Es-salaam

There are also many popular tourist attractions here including the wet’n’wild water park, perfect for kids as well as adults during the hotter days, as well as the Tanzanite dream which is the largest gemstone dealers and jewellers for miles around. The village museum is also a popular spot where people come to learn the background of the town, the traditional dances performed here and the old farming methods that the people here used to use.

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Dar-Es-salaam is the largest city in Tanzania; it is also the country’s richest city and an important economic centre. It is an administrative province within Tanzania and consists of three administrative districts.

You can fly to Dar-Es-salaam with the airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airlines, Swiss, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Oman Air, and South Africa Airways. With so much selection you are sure to find the cheapest flights to Dar-Es-salaam.

Flights to Dar-Es-salaam from Birmingham are available with Emirates, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Kenya airways. For cheap flight tickets to Dar-Es-salaam from Birmingham KLM is perfect with prices as low as £479! The time it takes to get to Dar-Es-salaam is approximately ten hours from London.

The time zone in Dar-Es-salaam is two hours ahead of the time in the United Kingdom.  Dar-Es-salaam is situated on the coast and has a large population of around 3 million. It has hot humid weather throughout the year being it so close to the equator. Dar-Es-salaam has a variety of museums and beaches. Trips to the nearby islands are popular to tourists where you can snorkel, swim and sunbathe. This city hosts many different things to do, so it is certain there will be something for everyone.

Flights to Dar-Es-salaam from Ethiopian Airlines are everyday other than Tuesday from London Heathrow meaning the flights are frequent. Ethiopian Airline flight prices are very cheap varying from around £400-£500 throughout a majority of the year. Ethiopian Airlines tickets are only really high in price during the months of December, July and August.In Dar-Es-salaam there is a train service which connects Dar-Es-salaam to neighbouring country Zambia and the central  line railway runs to Kigoma and Lake Tanganyika via Dodoma. Minibuses are a cheap way of transportation however they are usually over crowded but are however cheap. The Oyster Bay Hotel is popular accommodation in Dar-Es-salaam; it overlooks the Indian Ocean and has a private feel about it. (http://www.theoysterbayhotel.com/)

Flights to Dar-Es-salaam from London Heathrow are available with all the airlines mentioned above so it is certain that you will find the perfect flight for you also at reasonable prices!