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Where is Free Town in Africa?Here at Ace Point travel, we specialise in offering cheap flights to Freetown which is the capital city of the beautiful Sierra Leone and is the heart of West Africa. Our affordable luxury flights to Freetown are highly recommended by our previous customers and we have a large database of regulars who use our services regularly to either visit family and friends or take their annual holiday or break. When asked, we found out that this demand has everything to do with our great attention to detail when it comes to the extras on our flight, such as highly trained air cabin crew, top of the range air conditioning systems, excellent customer service and range of meal options aboard our flights. We ensure that our air cabin crew are trained to perfection and will demonstrate emergency procedures each time before the flight begins to give you peace of mind and knowledge in case of an emergency. They will also be on hand to offer you any drinks, snacks or meals whilst you are aboard one of our luxury aeroplanes. Onboard all of our flights, you can choose from meat, wheat, gluten, dairy and nut free meal options to suit all kinds of dietary needs and requirements.

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Once you have landed in Freetown, there are many exciting and different places to visit such as the beautiful beaches, the national rail museum and the traditional market stalls which are located on Lumley beach road. There are also many places in Freetown where you can experience different types of cuisine. As Freetown is on the Atlantic coast, there are many local seafood dishes available as well as beach bars and pizza takeaways.

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Freetown is the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone. It is located in the western area of Sierra Leone and is a major port city in the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s economy revolves largely around its harbour occupying part of the estuary of Sierra Leone River in one of the world’s largest natural deep water harbours.You can fly to Freetown with the airlines Arik, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Air France, Kenya Airways and Royal Air Maroc. It is certain that with Flights to Africa you will find the cheapest flights to Freetown.

Flights to Freetown from Birmingham are available with Brussels Airlines, KLM and Air France. For cheap flight tickets to Freetown from Birmingham KLM and Air France are the best. To get to Freetown from the United Kingdom it takes approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes.

The time zone in Freetown is an hour behind the UK. As the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown is home to the Sierra Leone House of Parliament.  The Mayor is responsible for the management of the city. Freetown has a tropical climate with a rainy season being from May to October. Freetown has an abundance of historically significant landmarks. A famous landmark in the centre of the east part of Freetown is the cotton tree which is the symbol of the city as it represents the christening of the city, this as well as the beaches present as tourist attractions in Freetown.

Flights to Freetown with Air France is frequent but not extremely, but there is however at least one flight there a week. Air France flights are however very reliable according to sources.

Flights to Freetown from London Heathrow are generally more expensive on the return journey but prices tend to vary between £400-£800 prices increasing during December and the summer season.

Taxis are the main ways of travelling around Freetown however pay no attention to route numbers just shouts out your destination. Taxis do not have metres therefore make sure you agree on a price before travelling anywhere. Florence’s hotel has high ratings as it is situated right next to the sea with great hospitality.