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General Information & Review of Egyptair

Egyptair is the largest Airline is Africa, second only to the South African Airways. Unparalled in its History, the origin of this longest surviving Airline in Africa can be traced back to the 1930s. For this reason alone, the flag carrier of Egypt has enjoyed the leading position despite a few setbacks over the years.

The Airline also runs two subsidiary Airlines which are the Air Sinai and the Egyptair Express. It is a state run airline but does not enjoy any special privileges from the government. It primarily operates from the Cairo International Airport in Egypt, which is the second busiest airport in Africa and handles over 65 airlines. The fleet of Egyptair has over 80 Aircrafts flying to 80 destinations in about 60 countries and leads the airline business in Africa, Middle east and Europe.

Egyptair LogoThe logo of this Airline is the Horus, the Egyptian God or Deity of the sky. A creature with the body of a man and the head of a Falcon, the Egyptian Airline adapted this Winged god of the Sun as their logo.

The services the airline offers are of the highest standard and quality. This treasured brand is the seventh in the world to have joined the IATA, the second Airline in Africa to join Star Alliance and the first in Middle east & Africa to be IOSA certified. Baggage is an important part of the Passenger experience with Egyptair and it has always strived to provide the best for its travellers. Continuously developing programs to highlight the importance of baggage to both its staff and passengers, this Airline is reputed for providing maximum luggage allowance for the economy class passengers.

A new advantage for its passengers flying in the Airbus 330-300, is using their personal mobiles and enjoying Wi-Fi internet onboard. Their Business class also provides full-flat bed seats and personal TV screens for all. The In-flight services by the Airline is also the best suited for passengers of all cultures and religion, for instance the meat on the Muslim flights are Halal and special meals for passengers with allergies can also be arranged by the catering experts.

Safety rating : 7/7

Based on the following questions – Is the airline IOSA certified? Is the airline on the European Union (EU) Blacklist? Has the airline maintained a fatality free record for the past 10 years? Is the airline FAA endorsed? Does the country of airline origin meet all 8 ICAO safety parameters? Has the airline’s fleet been grounded by the country’s governing aviation safety authority due to safety concerns? Does the airline operate only Russian built aircraft?

Product rating : 4/7

Based on the following factors – Seat pitch. In Flight Entertainment. Website information. Beds. Meals. Blankets and pillows

Low cost and regional airlines cannot be compared with full service airlines as they offer an entirely different product on typically far shorter routes where the frills do not matter as much.

Whilst reviews strives to consistently provide the most up-to-date information on the in flight product one can expect to experience, unforeseen circumstances can unfortunately result in differences. Airlines at certain times of the year such as peak season may lease aircraft off leasing companies or other airlines which may offer a different in flight product resulting in such things as a lack of personal in flight entertainment or a different seat pitch to that airline’s typical offering. Thus it is better to be well informed about the flight facilities while booking and the travel experts at Flights to Africa can help you get the best experience with the Airline each time.

Enjoy your travel with Egyptair and let us help you book your flight tickets to Africa right away.