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If you areWhere is Harare in Africa? taking a holiday or business trip to Harare and need affordable and comfortable means of travel, then look no further as we offer top of the range cheap flights from the UK to Harare all year round. We will ensure that you have everything available on your flight that you will possible need whilst on your way to the beautiful location of Harare. We offer a range of different packages according to your requirements and will guarantee to find a flight package which suits your needs and does not exceed your budget.  Harare is the largest city of Zimbabwe and is also the capital. The city is trade central for products such as tobacco, cotton and citrus fruits. Harare is also famous for its colourful markets which are full of a variety of foods and products of all kinds.Previously known as Salisbury (after the British Prime Minister) until 1982, Harare is a beautifully amazing city with lots to offer its tourists.With flights from the UK to Harare lasting around 9 hours, we will ensure that every minute spent on the plane is comfortable for you as we provide the highest quality service of flights available from the UK to Harare.

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Cheapest flights to Harare

Harare is the capital and the largest city of Zimbabwe. The city is a trade centre for tobacco, cotton, maize and citrus foods. Harare is an independent city with a population of over 2 million.

You can fly to Harare on the airlines, British Airways, Emirates, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways and TAAG Angola Airlines. There are so many options that it is guaranteed you will find the cheapest flights to Harare.

Flights to Harare from Birmingham are available with Emirates, KLM and Kenya Airways. For cheap flight tickets to Harare from Birmingham KLM is the cheapest with the lowest price being £691pp. The time it takes to get to Harare from the UK is about 10 hours if its direct meaning it could be longer if there is stops and changes.The time zone in Harare is an hour ahead of the UK. Harare has a pleasant sub-tropical climate. There is a range of the types of scenery in Harare being the high rise buildings, the quiet green suburban streets and then grass and tree lined roads. Harare is the place for people who are intrigued by arts and crafts with the Art Mart which is full of the work of local artisans and crofters. Harare Gardens is the city’s largest park with a peaceful atmosphere away from the buzz of the city. There is also a variety of restaurants and cafes to accustom to everyone’s needs.

Flights to Harare from Ethiopian Airlines only depart from London Heathrow and run every day other than Tuesday. Ethiopian Airline flight prices are very cheap with the cheapest month being October where prices are as low as £368! Ethiopian Airline tickets are highest in price approaching up to Christmas and in July.

Flights to Harare from London Heathrow are frequently available. There is a variation of prices but with all the airlines mentioned above it is easy to find one catered to your standards. In Harare the public transport system within the city includes both public and private sector operations. There are buses and taxis however the buses are very few and far between even for locals never mind tourists.  A lovely hotel to stay in is the Bronte Hotel which has beautiful features being a pool and gardens in stunning scenery.

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