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How Important is Travel Insurance?

Travelling to a new destination is always pleasurable but it does push us out of our comfort zone. Hassles of our routine back home might seem distant. But the risk that we could run into while travelling might not.

Insurance policies being sold along with travel packages could have been taboo a few years back. But these days smart travellers choose to book their journey along with an insurance that suits the purpose of their journey and provides covers for whatever they need. Emergency Medical care could be extremely expensive in the many countries and it is always better to be protected in such cases to avoid being burdened with inexhaustible bills. Also crucial issues like loss of baggage or theft or flight cancellations/delay.

Top Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance:

  1. Emergency medical care or unexpected illness.
  2. Flight cancellation or huge delays.
  3. Loss of baggage or important documents like passport & identity cards.
  4. Accidents that might require evacuation due to inadequate medical facilities.


It is always wise to determine the risks that you could run into and get protection for those alone. Depending on the cost of your entire journey you could choose insurance policies to keep you protected through the journey. For instance, if the non-refundable flight charges are paltry when compared to the medical costs you could incur, it is intelligent to buy a travel health insurance over a flight insurance.

Travel agents offer insurance along with the tickets to avoid being questioned in case you face a loss. While travel agents can give you information and advice, they are not insurance agents — they are merely here to help you have a safe and comfortable journey in all ways possible.

At Flights-to-Africa, our travel experts can provide you with bespoke insurance policies to cover your travel and ensure you enjoy a worry-free trip. Every customer is important to us as is their safety. We care for your needs and are here to give you all the services to make your travel to Africa a memorable one. Book your journey with us and request for details about Insurance policies.