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Indaba2019: To boost tourism, Africa needs to change its story

Africa’s Travel Indaba media launch , which was held at The Plant Venue Co., Durban on 3 April 2019, gave the open door South Africa’s travel industry to recount to their examples of overcoming adversity. Speakers included agents from Jotham’s Place and Discover Durban Tours and Transfers, acting leader of the office for KwaZulu-Natal Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Siza Sibande and councilor at eThekwini Municipality, Sipho Kaunda.

Keynote speaker of the day, chief convention bureau officer of South Africa National Convention Bureau (SANCB), Amanda Kotze-Nhlapo, expounded on the current year’s Africa’s Travel Indaba topic, Africa‘s accounts, your prosperity, saying Africans should possess their story with the goal that they can set out on the adventure of changing the mainland’s story. “We never again seek the world for attestation or motivation, the world looks to us. We are genuine, dynamic and headed to succeed. Thus, we welcome the world to travel with us and recount to the new story of Africa.”

Kotze-Nhlapo included that the duty of defending Africa’s account isn’t just up to its storytellers yet all Africans. “In this post-truth world, it is up to every one of us to be cautious about the manner in which Africa is portrayed. We can be the guard dogs of distorted stories and the best part is that we have the computerized devices to keep the story honest “. She said social media enables everybody to connect with media, influencers and other unmistakable people so that “we can change the account together and essentially set the story straight”

Her bits of knowledge were sponsored up by South African storyteller, Victor Kgomoeswana, whose introduction touched off what is the new African account. “The best story for us to tell is our own; the best method to tell it is the African way – in light of the fact that the focal point of the universe, truly and allegorically, is in Africa”.