Where is Kigali in Africa?Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and is a lovely city with beautiful view and hot African climates. Over the years of offering our customers top of the range flights for affordable prices, we have managed to adapt all of our aircraft and train our crew members in order to offer you the best possible service we can. All of our aircraft are top of the range and are fully fitted with air conditioning units which will keep the temperature of the aircraft stable at all times, even when flying through or in to a very hot country. We also have films and music available on most of our aircrafts in order to keep you entertained whilst flying. This is also a great feature to have for distracting the kids from a perhaps stressful takeoff or landing. All of our cabin crew are trained professionals and will be on hand to assist you with all your needs or worries whilst flying with us to Kigali.

When you land in Kigali, you will find lots of places to see and things to do. You may want to visit the beautiful Nyarutarama Lake which is situated next to Kigali’s sparse gold course. Here you will be able to view the wildlife and nature right across the lake, the gold course and beyond.

Map of Kigali

You may also wish to visit somewhere like the national museum, or the genocide memorial centre which is a tribute that has been put in place in the memory of those who fell victim to the 1994 genocide. The city also has many different cuisines to choose from and a variety of places to stay, depending on your taste and requirements.