Where is Kilimanjaro in Africa?Kilimanjaro is a very popular destination due to its three distinct volcanoes, Mawenzi, Kibo and Shira but is also a popular place for people to come back and visit family, or take a holiday here. This is why we offer the most luxury flights to Kilimanjaro at an affordable price for UK residents. We provide flights to Kilimanjaro most week days which depart from most major UK airports for your convenience. Our flights are the most luxury flights available from the UK to Kilimanjaro and have been recognised for their affordable lavishness.

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When you land in Kilimanjaro, you will most likely be greeted by a warm climate and hot sun, as because the country is so close to the equator, it does not experience the two extremes of winter and summer, but instead has occasional wet seasons in between the consistent warm weather.

The volcanic attraction to Kilimanjaro is huge and many people come here each year to view the three volcanoes even though they are currently dormant.

Map of Kilimanjaro

There are also many street markets in Kilimanjaro where you can find local hand made produce of all kinds, from clothing, to instruments, local food and memorabilia. The local food is a favourite of most people travelling to Kilimanjaro due to curiosity and can be sampled in most areas of the city. For more information on our bargain flights to Kilimanjaro, call, email, or pop into our main office today to talk to one of our African travel experts.