Where is Lagos in Africa?Lagos is the largest and most popular city of Nigeria and is the second largest city in the whole of Africa. Here at Acepoint travel, we have been specialising in luxury affordable flights to Lagos for a number of years and have a large database of satisfied customers who would recommend us to friends and family. All of our planes which fly to Lagos, are equipped with the best quality and luxury devices, from top of the range air conditioning systems to regulate the temperature throughout your flight, to DVD players, movies and music to keep you entertained whilst you are flying. We also stock our planes with a range of meals and snacks to suit all dietary requirements including meat, dairy, gluten, nut and wheat free options as well as halal options to suit everybody’s needs. All of our flight attendants have been trained to perfection and will be able to answer most last minute questions which you may have about you time spent in Lagos. They will also run all the passengers through health and safety precautions before takeoff to insure peace of mind and ultimate safety. We offer flights direct from most main UK airports straight to Lagos which means you will not have to stop and wait around for a connecting flight.

Map of Lagos

Once you land in Lagos you will most likely be greeted by pleasantly warm weather and bright sunshine, although Lagos does have a tropical climate which means there are occasional rainy seasons. If you are seeking the hottest time to go to Lagos, then travelling in August or September will let you experience the best climate which Lagos has to offer. There are many beaches to choose from when visiting Lagos some of which are great locations for BBQs and picnics. There are also many popular sights to see such as the national museum of Nigeria, the Nike Art gallery and the National Theatre of Arts and Culture.