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Where is Luanda in Africa?If you are looking for a niche flight route from the UK to the beautiful city of Luanda, then you have come to the right place. We specialise in flights from the UK to Luanda and will offer you some of the best services available when it comes to luxury airline travel. Luanda is the capital city of Angola, located on the beautiful Angolan coast. It is the world’s third most popular Portuguese speaking city. Luanda is a beautiful oil rich south African city and all of our flights from the UK to Luanda will offer you luxury comfort at an affordable price. We fly out aeroplanes from all of the UKs most popular airports and will safely land you in Luanda after a comforting and peaceful flight.

Once you land in Luanda, you will find there are many attractions and places to visit to suit all tastes. Kissama game park is a very popular wildlife park where you can catch a glimpse of wild life at its most natural. If you choose to go on a safari in the park, you will find yourself gazing at a whole range of wild animals including zebras and elephants!

Map of Luanda

There are also a range of different restaurants and places to dine in Luanda, as well as many bars and clubs which heighten the popularity of the cities night life.

Cheapest flights to Luanda

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola and is situated on the coast next to the Atlantic Ocean. Luanda is Angola’s main sea port. It is a Portuguese speaking city with a population of over 5 million.You can fly to Luanda with the airlines, Arik, Lufthansa, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Tap Portugal, Air France, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Royal Air Maroc and South African Airways. With such a varied selection it is easy to find the cheapest flights to Luanda.

Flights to Luanda from Birmingham are available with the airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, Brussels Airlines, KLM and Air France. For cheap flight tickets from Birmingham Brussels Airlines is the cheapest! With a ticket there and a ticket back being as low £685 which compared to other airlines where prices can get up to £1000pp! The time it takes to get to Luanda from the UK is approximately 9 hours.

The time zone in Luanda is the exactly the same as the UK. Luanda is divided in to two parts the new part and the old part. The climate is hot and humid but surprisingly dry; there is a rainy season between March and April. There are many shop destinations in Luanda and a craft market. There is a vast game park in the south of Luanda where exciting safari rides take place. There is the Presidents palace and a great national monument and there is also the Church- Igreza Nossa Senhora dos Remedios da Praia which was built in the 1600’s and is definitely a must see with its pre-fabricated domes made of steel and coloured glass towers.

Flights to Luanda from London Heathrow run every single day with a variation of prices depending on what airline you use.  Flights To Africa are have a whole selection of flights for you.

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