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Where is Nairobi in Africa?Holidaying in Nairobi will be a beautiful experience for people from all walks of life, and booking affordable, luxury flights to Nairobi with us, really will top your holiday off. Specialising in flights from the UK to Nairobi for just over 10 years, we offer luxury and comfortable flights for super competitive and affordable prices. All of our flights are 5 star and we guarantee to beat any other 5 star airline on price when flying from a UK main airport to Nairobi. When flying with us you can expect fully reclining passenger seats, full air conditioning and a range of foods including meat, wheat, dairy and gluten free options on all of our aircraft.

When travelling to Nairobi, you will find the climate beautiful as the city is Kenya’s capital city and is also the largest city in the country. Based on the Nairobi river, the city is very busy and full of life, with its current population standing at around 3million. There are many places to see and discover within Nairobi such as the national museum, Oloos children’s centre and the beautiful Uhuru gardens.

Map of Nairobi

Nairobi also has a great night life and many different styles of restaurant where you can experience different types of cuisine from all around the world.

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Nairobi is the largest city and the capital of Kenya. The city and the area around it form the Nairobi County. Nairobi is one of the most prominent cities in Africa financially and politically. The language is Swahili.You can fly to Nairobi with the airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Swiss, Condor, Brussels Airlines, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, Jet Airways, Air Mauritius, Gulf Air, Saudia, South African Airways and British Airways. With so much choice it is easy to find the cheapest flights to Nairobi with our help.

The time zone in Nairobi is two hours ahead of UK time. There are plenty of unique tourist attractions in and around Nairobi. There is the national park when you can have picnics or even camp among elephants and other wildlife creatures that are found there. There are safari walks and the Maasai market which has an interesting selection of things. Nairobi has a moderate climate with two rainy seasons.

There is a city bus service and tram. There are also taxis however they are extremely overpriced but you have little choice not to use them especially at night. Fares can be negotiable but you will still be expected to pay are substantial amount. An excellent place to stay in Nairobi is the Fairview hotel which is a decent four star accommodation with friendly staff and good food.

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