Seychelles titled Number 1 island destination in Africa & Middle East by Travel + Leisure 2019 World’s Best Award - Flights to Africa

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Seychelles titled Number 1 island destination in Africa & Middle East by Travel + Leisure 2019 World’s Best Award

Seychelles has been named the top island destination in Africa & the Middle East.  It is the third time that Seychelles is rated in the top spot in this category by Travel and Leisure. The colorful goal’s selection results from the yearly study directed by Travel plus Leisure, which permits perusers of the New York-based touring publication to rate their movement encounters the world over. Perusers get the chance to impart their insights on top inns, islands, urban areas, aircrafts, journey lines, spas, among others.

The best islands by region are rated on a number of characteristics including the destination’s natural attractions, beaches, activities & sights, restaurants, food, people & friendliness and value. The destination’s romantic appeal also features as an optional criterion. For each characteristic, respondents are asked to give a rating based on a five-point scale of excellence.

Flaunting lavish tropical vegetation, powder-white beaches and clear turquoise waters, Seychelles – a 115-island archipelago in the western Indian Ocean dominated the competition of the perusers’ rundown with regards to the Africa and Middle East area. Mr. David Di Gregorio, Executive Board Member of (APTA) Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa, of which Seychelles is a member, received the Award on behalf of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB). Jacqueline Gifford, Editor in Chief and Jay Meyer the SVP/ Publisher presented the recognition to the destination to Mr. Di Gregorio.

Remarking on the honor, the STB Regional Director for Africa and the Americas, Mr. David Germain expressed that the lofty title results from persistent aggregate endeavors between the Seychelles experts, including the STB and every one of its partners.

“Accomplishing the qualification of Top Island in Africa and the Middle East for the third time is a huge respect for the Seychelles, perceiving that the area has a lot to offer as far as world-class island encounters,” Mr. Germain.

“The Award helps to garner recognition and provides a significant amount of visibility for our islands in North America and the region. The STB will continue to share and present the culture and tourism attributes of Seychelles to both the trade and consumers in the various North American cities, with the aim of increasing tourist’s arrival to Seychelles from this part of the world,” said Mr. Germain