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Visa Requirements & Procedure for Africa

Did you know?

A visa doesn’t guarantee you entry to the country – it only allows you to travel to an African port of entry, where an immigration officer will check that you satisfy the basic requirements for entry into the country.

Africa has the right to decide who may and may not enter its territory. A visa ensures that you have been properly screened before entering the country, and gives immigration officials the information they need to ensure you are admitted to Africa for the correct purpose and length of time.

Visa & Passport requirement for Africa

The Visa Requirements & Procedure varies from country to country in Africa. But here are a general set of Requirements for applying a Visa to any country in Africa.

  • A valid Passport or travel document that will be valid for the length of your intended stay. Your passport should have at least 2 blank facing pages in it.
  • A Return or Onward ticket.
  • Sufficient funds to Cover your journey
  • A yellow-fever vaccination certificate (if required)
  • A minimum of 2 color passport photographs
  • Payment of the Prescribed fee
  • Documentation detailing the purpose of the visit and institutions or persons in the Republic involved, if any
  • Proof of fixed employment or other commitments thereof

Depending on your Nationality each country in Africa has different regulations for Visa requirements. For instance, Passport holders from  EU, UK, Australia, Canada and USA can obtain Visa on Arrival at Egypt whereas they do not need a Visa for entry into South Africa for a staying up to 90 days. So it always better to inquire beforehand and follow the procedure as required in each country.

egypt visa stamp in passport
Click to Download the Egypt Visa Application Form

Issuing of Visas could take from 24 hours to one week or even longer. So it is wiser to plan in advance and apply for Visas at the right time. Some Visas are valid from the day they get issued and thus you need to schedule your travel immediately. In some cases Visas are issues depending on the day of your departure also.

Visa Information is available online or at the Country’s Embassy in your region. You can either apply yourself or ask for someone else i.e. a Travel Agent to submit it on your behalf and process it.

Make sure you do not leave the country without knowing that your application has been successful. Sometimes airline officials are obliged to insist on visas before allowing passengers to board. If you arrive without a visa, immigration officials will refuse your entry to Africa and could place you on a return flight to your country.

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