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What to Expect in Free Town?

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Free town is a place highly submerged in the glory of history. History that must be remembered through times, this place is witness to revolutions, milestones of progress and civil war. It is the capital of Sierra Leone in West Africa, best known as the home of many freed black slaves from America and Caribbean and hence the name Free Town.

How is it as a destination?

One of the major tourist attractions here is ‘the cotton tree’, it was around this tree that the freed slaves built their houses when they first came here in the year 1792, there are also numerous churches and mosques which dates back to as old as 1820s.

Free Town has endured some really bad times with a 3 year long civil war which destroyed a lot of their infrastructure, the city deserves a salute for their positive attitude and hard work with which they are building everything to get back to square one.

As the city lies at the foot of the Peninsula Mountains, it is witness to some of the most beautiful locations and sceneries. Some of the finest beaches in Africa, Lumley beach, Lakka beach, No. 2 river beach and Toke beach are situated in this very place.

River No.2 Beach in Free Town
River No.2 Beach in Free Town

Some of the locations that are not be missed:

1.     Bunce Island is one of the most important historical sites in Africa. The slave forts of Bunce Island were the busiest in the then ‘Rice Coast of Africa’, sending countless numbers of captured slaves to the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida. The ruins play the role of testimony through time, though fairly large, they are completely overrun with vegetation, and long-awaiting restoration.

2.     The Banana Island is something most travellers miss out on, but is must for every tourist who wants to get away from the chaos of city life. There are 2 small beaches but extremely secluded, they also provide a scuba diving experience for those who want to see the beauty lying untouched deep inside the ocean.

3.     Going to the National Museum is a must, especially if you are passionate for tribal artefacts. There is the Hill Station Club and the colonial houses near about that area that lie untouched in its most natural state; it will give you an insight into the lifestyle of the past era.

history of free town, sierra leone

The base for higher education was setup here long ago; The Fourah Bay College was established in 1827 in Freetown and is the oldest University of West Africa. The population over here is mostly either Christian or Muslim, and they mostly speak ‘Krio’.

The weather is tropical with the usual monsoon from May to October. The landscape is hilly and located over sea shores.

So Free Town is basically a place for history and beach lovers. The best way to move around here is by a taxi and all the places worth visiting are located near about. With so much to look forward to, there must not be any more delays to book your tickets.